What Protection do I need?

In order to let you know which protection plan we recommend for you, we need to ask you some simple questions. To get the best result please answer all questions below as honestly as you can.

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    • Your Devices

    • Example: From time to time you browse the internet in bed before you go to sleep. When you're done you put it on the side table and it's still there in the morning when you get up and get dressed for work.
    • Example: Do you sometimes travel for work and when you do you take your personal laptop with you. When on the move do you ever check how your investments are doing or login to your dating website account?.
    • Example: You and your wife have four kids, each of whom own a smartphone and either a tablet or laptop.
    • Example: You run a small side business and the personal information of your 4 employees is stored on a laptop at home or a server connected to your home WiFi..
    • My Family