Internet Safety Managed Service for Schools is the world’s first online community connecting schools directly to internet safety experts.

This isn't anti-virus or parental controls software...we are an online education and support platform that delivers 1-on-1 expert support directly to teachers, remotely and cost effectively. We help your school to;

1. Assess Their Protection: help you work out exactly what protection they need

2. Get Secure: help you implement your protection

3. Stay Secure: once protection is in place, experts provide 1-on-1 support so you can stay secure going forward

why enrol your SCHOOL?

  • Demonstrate Your Dedication to Child Safety – to both current and prospective parents that you are an active leader in the welfare and safety of the children under your care.
  • Support Your Teachers - teachers can ask any questions they want in the online discussion forum (anonymously) and silver service levels upwards, also get dedicated (free) telephone consultation time.
  • Reduce Incidents - results in school wide decline of issues such as cyber bullying, sextortion and social media hijacking.
  • Compliance - demonstrate to the likes of the Department for Education, Ofsted and UKCCIS (UK Council for Child Internet Safety) that you are meeting their compliance requirements.

What Are the Member BENEFITS?

Watch the 2 mins video below to get an idea of some of the features and benefits available to your parents and teachers who sign up;

How does it work?

Your school signs up as an enterprise member of The school pays on behalf of the teachers and you notify parents of the new service available to them. Parents sign up (and pay) for their memberships themselves. Both teachers and parents can then access all the training and support they need through the platform.

Jonny Pelter, founder: "By launching this new online community, we create a network of like-minded parents, teachers and internet safety experts that they can tap into to get the support they need, when they need it. For less than the cost of a coffee per month, parents and teachers will have access to expert advice, delivered direct to them at home!"

How much does it cost?

One-off talks by experts can be expensive (when compared to the contact time you get). We operate a remote, decentralised model and therefore can drive much lower overheads with even higher levels of support. 


£ 2
Per Teacher (Monthly)
  • 0 - 25 teachers
  • Free coaching calls
  • Annual Onsite Talk


£ 2
Per Teacher (Monthly)
  • 26 - 50 teachers
  • Free coaching calls
  • Annual Onsite Talk


£ 2
Per Teacher (Monthly)
  • 50+ teachers
  • Free coaching calls (2 hrs)
  • Annual Onsite Talk


£ 1
Per Teacher (Monthly)
  • 100+ teachers
  • Free coaching calls (5 hrs)
  • Onsite Annual Talk


  • Your school has 28 teachers, so you select the silver service level
  • You'll only be charged £55.72 each month (28 x £1.99 = £55.72 per month)
  • We give you a unique code to distribute to your parents (they sign up and pay separately)

Our guarantee

“I am so confident in our offer, that for all our memberships and products you get a 30 day full money back guarantee if you’re not happy. I take all the risk for you.”

     Jonny Pelter - Founder


Leave your contact details below and Jonny Pelter (our founder) will get in contact with you.

Alternatively, you can contact Jonny directly, details provided below.

0800 8611 960

Donating to Charity

Here at we like to help others and as such, we donate a portion of all profits to a charity focused on supporting victims of cyber bullying. It’s a fantastic charity doing amazing things against cyberbullying for kids all-over the world!