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Much more than just anti-virus software or parental controls...we provide video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, a discussion forum and personal coaching calls, to empower parents with the 'know-how' to protect their families from online threats!

Cyber Bullying

Do you know the signs that indicate your child is being cyber bullied? Bullying is no longer limited to the playground. With every re-tweet and share, your children will be forced to re-live these horrible experiences over and over again in the safety of their own bedrooms.

Identity Theft

Somebody applies for a credit card under your name...do you know what to do? Identity theft is where cyber criminals use stolen documentation to impersonate us. They can defraud us, commit crimes in our name and bring devastation to the victim’s life. Some victims have even been left homeless as a result.


Your daughter is recorded naked with her own laptop webcam and they're demanding £800 ransom. Would you know how to help? Sextortion is where someone we don’t know uses nude media of us to extort us out of large sums of money. Revenge porn is similar but where someone you know posts explicit media of you online in an attempt to ruin your reputation.

Sexual Predators

Do you know how to spot a fake social media profile? Social media sites and online games provide sexual predators with the perfect tools to impersonate young children, select their victims and then communicate with them out of their parent’s sight.

Explicit Content

Kids are curious. What protection have you put in place to ensure your kids don't see explicit content such as porn, ISIS beheadings, videos promoting self-harm or games encouraging drug use? Whether it is accidentally or on purpose, there are things we can easily put in place to prevent this happening to our kids.

Account Hacking & Fraud

Your email or social media accounts get hijacked. How do you quickly recover them? How do you prevent it happening again? Hackers use powerful password cracking tools and malware to break into our online accounts. Then, because the vast majority of us use the same password for all websites, they then hack into all the other online accounts we have.

“I am so confident in our offer, that for all our memberships you get a 30 day full money back guarantee if you’re not happy. We take all the risk for you.”

Jonny Pelter - SimpleCyberLife.com CEO & Founder


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When my instagram got hacked, Jonny helped me change my password so the hacker couldn't access my account. And finally he showed me how to set up two step verification this prevented any hacking from happening again. Jonny helped me so much!

"Connie (13 yr old)"

"I found Jonny to be extremely knowledgeable on cyber security and data protection. He provides a thoroughly professional service and has the unique ability to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical people. Highly recommended!!"

"Terry M"

"I realised my email had been hacked. In desperation I contacted Jonny, who provided me with both the reassurance I was desperate to receive, and a list of immediate actions essential to prevent further damage. These took less than an hour to complete. His service was exemplary and he immediately restored my peace of mind!"

"John S."


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